Young woman leaning on doorframe, colleagues working at table in the background. Photo by Jacob Lund, Noun Project.
Managers need training and support if they’re going to be successful.

Today I attended a webinar about Performance Management. During this webinar, they touted the integral role of the manager in employee performance. I heartily agree, but couldn’t help but think, throughout, that most managers really don’t have the chops to handle performance management conversations well.

One of the attendees asked…

Photo of worried man. Photo courtesy of master1305.
Understandably, people have concerns about going back to work. Image courtesy of master1305.

Businesses everywhere are reopening their doors and inviting customers in again. Those companies that carried on business while their people worked from home are also feeling a renewed energy and collective uplifting of spirits.

Even as the economy stumbles back on track in the new, new normal, people everywhere are…

Meeting from home? Embrace the distractions. Image by: Freepik

So here you are…

Your team is all working from their homes, as are you. The work still needs to be done, and meetings still need to be had, but what’s the protocol when meetings have to be done from home?

It’s true. Your management task list has not gotten…

Image by: kjpargeter

This morning, as I was walking my dogs, I noticed something new… something different. I noticed the smell of nature in my city.

I could smell the trees and the flowers. It rained last night, so I could also smell the wet dirt and grass. I could smell the river…

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My mission? Guiding managers to create human-centered workplaces. I believe managers can change the corporate world! Say hi @

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